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The witcher 3 witcher gear set bonuses

the witcher 3 witcher gear set bonuses

Feline Trousers (Light) Feline Boots (Light From the house, travel west to the Hanse Base Bandit fortress located in the center of the swampy region.
During this 500 procent bonus casino quest, Lafargue will request diagrams to craft his first set of Grandmaster armor.
Collect the Power Crystal from the potion-filled corner to the left of the secret door, return to the hidden chamber and charge the Power Crystal with the Aard sign to activate a portal.Theres plenty of defense-boosting clothing items to uncover across the.Grandmaster Smith in Beauclair.6 of 6 Equipped: 40 size of Yrden, and Yrden gains more powerful stamina regeneration, sign intensity, and damage reduction buffs.This opens a secret door.Manticore Silver Sword edit From the Sansretour Valley, head back to the south - to the west bank of the lake between the Duchal Palace and Beauclair.
Behind the house, youll find a cave entrance blocked by rubble.
In the Bastoy Prison Ruins, climb to the tower at the top of the hill with partial wooden struts still jutting upward.
Theres a cave where Lebioda once stayed here.
Use Aard to knock down the cavern wall to finally reach the hidden chapel.
Look at the notes pinned to the final chamber of the underground.
Crafting, requirements, item, stats, required Ingredients, manticore Steel Sword Damage 250.Strong Attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10 for each piece of the set.Geralt will suffer a coughing fit due to an unknown gas.The next large chamber features a spectral man being accosted by several Kikimores.Griffin Trousers (Medium) Griffin Silver Sword Griffin Armor (Medium Next, travel to the Hanse Base bandit camp located between the Fort Hussar Ruins and Basane Farm to the northwest.In the chamber with light streaming from a crack in the cave ceiling, use Witcher senses to spot a red-glowing loot container in a dark alcove.There's a small group of bandits (as well as the treasure they're guarding) on the bank of the lake - eliminate them and head to the end of the covered dock.Manticore Trousers (Medium) Manticore Boots (Medium Northwest of Plegmunds Bridge and north of Lebiodas Statue, youll find an Abandoned Temple to the Prophet Lebioda in Sansretour Valley.The size of Yrden traps is increased.Eliminate the beast and continue through the opening at the back of the chamber.Was this guide helpful?6 of 6 Equipped: Any alchemy items are given one additional charge.The crate containing the diagrams is located under the steps behind the tower.Armor, piercing 50 Critical Damage 05 Critical Hit Chance 10 Chance to Bleed 05 Experience from Humans / Nonhumans 2x Leather Scraps 2x Dimeritium Ingots 1x Ruby Dust 1x, monster Saliva, manticore, silver Sword Damage 250 Armor Piercing 50 Critical Damage 05 Critical Hit Chance.