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Poker night 2 ash dialogue

These also unlock items in Borderlands 2, so nabbing the innskudd engelsk Necronomicon from Ash might earn you a new costume in Gearboxs shooter.
The actual poker action is unremarkable, but charm is the poka sowe slowa main draw.
More horribly, I can't turn off GlaDOS, I can't even skip her lines.
Additional challenges called bounties task you with how to unlock second legendart slot completing specific objectives, such as buying drinks for two players in one round.The system can draw the occasional chuckle, but I didnt find it to be a particularly deep or useful addition to the gameplay.I guess it's just something to cash.Getting the other players drunk is a good way to bring their tells out, and the idea of getting Claptrap drunk is pretty funny in itself.And about the savings, there IS NO saving.They could have put in many more options that allow the game itself to be friendly to everyone, all kinds of player's skills.
What THE heck WAS that?
It's bad timed, it's a pain to hear them after the first time.
Hed excuse himself from the table, walk back to the bar, and drink his loss away as the rest of us continued.
You don't have any tool or option that can help your game to be faster, to be an exact poker game.
I feel like I was in some kind of Indie Game Demo with those options, how can it go from options to less options?!?The Gameplay tab now only has the line "How To Play".Its certainly the only place you can see Claptrap ask Ash about his upcoming nuptials, and I found myself frequently amused by the wacky dialogue.After youve unlocked everything, there isnt any reason to come back.She keeps talking and talking, delaying between turns and rounds.

If youre used to playing any kind of virtual poker, youll find that the options and interface of Poker Night 2 is not up to the standards set by websites and other free online poker destinations that have been running for years.
While theyre the ones showing your their poker faces, you also get cameos from GLaDOS as the dealer, Mad Moxxi as the bartender, and Max as a seemingly uninterested observer.