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Poker cash games or tournaments

poker cash games or tournaments

The variance in tournaments is a lot bigger than in cash games.
Take implied odds as an example: In a cash game, it can be greatly profitable to put money into a pot playing a hand with a very low probability of winning.
If the other players on the table believe you're willing to take a coin flip at any time, they will be less likely to try and make large moves against you pre-flop.Cash game play will have its own swings, and periods of loss, but they should never be on a scale as large as this.Naturally, we can limit the variance a little by playing smaller field events, but generally playing MTTs for a living means we really need to get ourselves ready to embrace some variance.You have to look at each and every decision as if it is for your tournament life, and avoid every pitfall.Playing with less than 20bb effective is somewhat rare in cash games, and hence tournament players make use of a skill-set that cash game players don't typically need.If you like excitement and prestige, maybe tournaments are for you.Such an arrangement will see weaker players seated next to, and playing against, some of the world's best.It requires playing only premium starting hands, rarely raising allowing the cards to almost play themselves and waiting for only the most optimum opportunities to put your money in the pot.It's also pretty exciting to reach the final table of a large field event, considerably more so than just playing a standard cash game all day.The main difference between tight and tight-aggressive is that once you enter a pot you will be much more willing to bet and raise.In cash games, you're generally seated with a group of players who all have similar levels of skill and experience.The goal in any poker tournament is to end up with all of the chips, so aggressively pursuing them from the outset makes sense.But we should usually be comfortable with the above pros and cons before making a decision either way.With money more tangibly on the line, and the ability to reach into your pocket and reload at any time (unless, of course, your bankroll runs out cash games present myriad strategies, decisions, styles and bets for player to choose from.If those hands don't find you, you'll eventually be forced to find a hand to push pre-flop with.
The attraction of having a set maximum loss makes tournaments attractive to weaker players.
Everyone in a tourney buys in for the same amount and is seated randomly.
Skill-set, the skills required for MTTs are somewhat different from the skills we normally require for a cash game.
Taking down a big field MTT is generally considered a much more noteworthy achievement.
The second of these strategies is the more traditional, stay-alive-as-long-as-possible method, then hope things break right for you at the end.
This dramatically changes the range of hands we can play profitably in various situations.Aggressive play, especially if its tempered by experience, can be a highly effective strategy.Michael Mizrachi 's style is to try and take coin flips in the early stages of a tourney.The downside is that the payouts coin poker bitcointalk will be nothing compared to the payouts of a larger field MTT.The benefits of this strategy are that you are less likely to lose money and will rarely experience large downswings in fortune.Cash Games, we can sit down and leave whenever we like.Tournament Strategy, as with any other type of poker strategy, there are many nuances to tournament play.Blind levels increase at set intervals.Tight Play, this style is the one most beginners use, and rightfully.

Snap format cash games where we can instantly sit down at the stakes we would like to play.