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How to unlock second legendart slot

You start, middle-earth: Shadow of War with five pieces of gear in your inventory: a sword, a dagger, a bow, armor and a cloak.
When selling a ship, all upgrades mounted on that ship must either be sold or demounted.
This is a passive ability that is not part of your skill tree, instead its located with the circular items at the bottom of your abilities menu.Aiming Systems Modification 0 125000, increases the firing accuracy of the main battery and secondary battery, accelerates the traverse speed of torpedo tubes and the main battery, and extends the firing range of the secondary battery: 20 to main battery traverse speed.All this added complexity new items to manage of varying qualities and upgrades, along with gems and their intricacies can be a bit overwhelming.Concealment System Modification Decreases the detectability range of your ship and aircraft; increases the dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship: -10 to detectability radius.Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 125000, increases survivability of the secondary battery and AA mounts: 100 to secondary battery survivability.American battleships have access to Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1 instead.Tier I Equipment (Slot 1 icon.Mission 5: Earn 40,000 base XP (before any modifiers are applied).Stacks with Basic Firing Training.
Account Level 6, allowing them to customize and improve each ship's performance to suit their desired play style.
5 to the risk of fire.
13 to the main battery traverse speed.
The Unlock Challenge for this one basically says, Youll never upgrade this armor.
Available only to American battleships.
Large, powerful weapons, quick, agile daggers, theres plenty of choice but sometimes, one weapon type is more suited to a job than others.50 to torpedo tubes survivability.And this is where upgrades come.Each ship must initiate their own chain, and can only progress their own missions.When you compare two pieces of gear, you have to remember that the number can go up a little an epic sword that is two points less than a common one will end up with a higher stat once you complete the Unlock Challenge.Slot 2 Icon Equipment Name Selling Price Description Notes Engine Boost Modification 1 625,000 Increases Engine Boost duration: Tier VI-X ships with the Engine Boost consumable only.8 to main battery maximum firing range.15 to main battery loading time.You can remove gems from slots without penalty, so its a good idea to periodically check to see if you can remove and combine a few gems at once to get a much better gem.Research seems to show that the specific effects are as follows: -50 to time for reaching full power.Stacks with Vigilance when spotting torpedoes.You have to actively work on upgrading.The point: Youre not going to spend any time looking for gear.

Available only to, iwaki Alpha, Yubari, and Katori.
In addition to increasing the speed at which the engine spools up, this upgrade appears to increase acceleration away from 0 knots by a large factor (about triple, regardless of speed making it more powerful than the standard Propulsion Modification 2 which only doubles acceleration and only.